Blimpakind is the name of the overall “universe” that my stories take place in. Although, each chapter has its own story line and may or may not connect to others. These stories are done off the cuff for the most part, because it started as my attempt of the 24-hour comic challenge in 2013. I do plan to re-use characters in different stories. Introducing them to one another and, obviously, getting them into trouble.

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I am Talya Modlin. I am a independent comic artist and illustrator from Chicago. I have been making and self-publishing comics since 2010 but I’ve been drawing long before that. I do both the writing and drawing for Blimpakind.


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UDELL is a sweet natured pal. He is Chief's roommate and childhood friend. He unintentionally creates a lot of endearing trouble for Chief. He has a lot of freckles all over his body and has a terrible nutmeg allergy. He is besotted with Grace.

CHIEF, a real stick in the mud. Usually channeling his inner wild-west-strong-and-mostly silent, cowboyish-ness to rescue his roommate from his own shenanigans. He'll help with a grimace and a free lecture. He is best known for his ginormous dark brim hat and blue jumpsuit. Also for his strange pink and white chug-along car equipped with awning.

PEPIN is normally an estranged childhood friend of Chief (and occasionally Udell). He shares the same nutmeg allergy as Udell and had to combat it together as youngsters. He has bottomless sleeves in terms of plotting and has no appetite for quitting. He used to be the long-time boyfriend of Grace. He is also good friends with "The Count". Why he refuses to put on a pair of pants is beyond reason.

THE COUNT (sometimes just "COUNT"), is as rich as his name sounds. He owns a large home; fills it sparingly but only with the best. He's a fan of relaxation and not doing much actual work. Can't even be bothered to hire a butler. He takes a lot of cues from Pepin, but is easily capable of doling out his own brand of high-end slime.

GRACE may not be the most beautiful of them all, but she certainly gets them all. She is the desire of a few characters. Mixing potions is her hobby but manipulation is her flaw- we all know that is not the greatest mix. While she is gullible she tries to outsmart the majority of others she relates to, but has a sweet spot for Udell. She tries to do right by him.

MASTACHOLLI is a cool guy and easy peasy going. He happens to get caught in the middle of things, but he doesn't hold a grudge. He's good at lounging and loves to disco when given the opportunity. He has a really long and slender moustache.

MO-LASSI (sometimes just "MO", "LASSI" or "LASS") is a name both feared and loved. To those she helps she's a sweet guitar-noodling, romancing, nomadic, robinhood-type cowgirl. Bad folk try to challenge her wit, strength and quick energy. She was raised by fellow nomad junkbits peddler, Bibs. Mo's origins before that are unknown. She carries a basket on her back full of stuff and travels by unicycle.

BIBS is a hill-woman who never ages and is supposedly immortal. Or, so the legend goes according to Mo. She is a junkbits peddler/trader nomad. She travels all over and finds all sorts of junk that ends up being very useful or cool. She has no use for money most of the time, so it is mostly for trade. She single handedly raised Mo-Lassi. She smokes a curvy pipe and also carries a large basket on her back.

© Talya Modlin